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FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 2:00am PST
the world environmentalists who want to raise money and get control over large issues like our entire energy policy. media for sensationalism universities and professors for grants you can't hardly get a science grant these days without saying it has something to do with climate change. it will is a kind of nasty combination of extreme ideology and religious cult all rolled into one. >> moore went on to say a hotter earth would be better for humans. >>> oo it is a free travel frenzy. accepting millions of dollar lashes of free trip. law americas expected $3.7 million in free travel last year. that is according to polytheists lit co money lines. it is the highest amount in a decade. 493 privately funded trips up from 402 in 2012. rules changed back in 2007 which allowed charities to under right travels. many of the nonprofits have political agenda. he wracked up the highest cab last year a 70,000 dollar trip to africa. it spares taxpayers over what he calls highly structured official congressional trips. >> hope he got a good trip. sthooivengs from fox business. >>> 46 after the top of the ho
FOX News
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am PST
stronger self control in the morning because we have more energy stored up. but as the day goes on our batteries tradrain and we look s ethical in our activities. >>> last night hollywood's biggest stars celebrated the biggest night the 86th annual academy awards. >> what were the best moments? we are stepping in with michael. you lucky duck. we saw the tweet, we saw the pizzas all of the dresses and of course the awards. what was the best part of last night? >> i got to tell you for me the best part was "12 years a slave" won. this has been a huge, huge film. hollywood has abysmal record awarding movies with african american experience. only the 2nd time in the 86 year history. besides it being a great movie and epic in its form the credit has to go with fox search life. it was a tough movie to watch, it was an important movie, and a lot of the aacademy members were reluctant to put the dvd in and watch it. for obvious reasons, it's tough. they went around this town with the headlines it's time. it plays into two things it is time to award a movie like this and also academy members it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2